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If you care about what happens to your property and assets after your death, you should make a will. Failure to do so would mean your estate will be governed by Intestacy rules. This can have a grave impact on your family, and may result in legal battles that could destroy relationships.

Without a will, a surviving spouse may not necessarily inherit everything, entitlement may not be automatically granted to an unmarried partner, the family home may have to be sold with the proceeds divided among legal heirs, and children may be disinherited unintentionally. This is why you need to put your affairs in good order, to spare your survivors from the stress and hassle of court proceedings.

Whether you make a will on your own or with advice from a lawyer, you should seek professional advice with regards to writing a will. The same thing is true if you're facing issues relating to Wills. This is where our Wills and Probate Lawyers can help. We have a breadth of experience in dealing with all matters relating to probate, wills and estate administration. We offer knowledgeable legal guidance to help you make the most suitable decisions.

We strive to protect your interests and ensure that your wishes would be executed accordingly upon your death.

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