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Mediation is a voluntary process that many separating couples find helpful in dealing with the breakdown of their relationship without reverting to court proceedings.

Mediation is focused at helping you reach decisions about practical issues that arise on separation, such as finding the best pattern of care for your children or the financial arrangements which are most acceptable to both of you. The process can be commenced at any time. It can take place before or after separation and before or after divorce.

In order to participate in this process both parties must be willing to attend sessions together. The mediator will try to help the parties resolve the issues in dispute but will not give legal advice. It is the mediator’s job is to be a neutral facilitator in the negotiations and ensure any power imbalance between the parties is levelled.

The benefit of mediation is that you jointly make the decisions about your future, it does not hand power over to the court for the judge to impose a decision upon you.

An hourly rate is charged for mediation sessions. This is shared between the parties in whatever proportion they agree. If you qualify for legal aid assistance from the Scottish Legal Aid Board may be available.

If you think mediation may assist you, we can refer you to a suitable mediator best placed to deal with your particular situation. Thereafter our family law team can formalise any settlement agreement reached.

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