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One way to avoid a messy separation or divorce is to have a pre-nuptial agreement. This outlines the agreements between you and your future spouse or civil partner, regarding your finances in the event of a separation or a relationship breakdown.

Prenuptial agreements have to be reasonable and entered into voluntarily. They also have to be reviewed by a Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer, even if they are not drafted with the help of a lawyer.

Some of the provisions included in a common pre-nuptial agreement are provisions regarding assets that are separately owned by each spouse before the marriage, confirmation that each person is solely liable for his or her own pre-marital debts, and a waiver that keeps a surviving spouse from making legal claims of a partner's separate property at death. It is prudent that Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers review the terms and conditions, and ensure there are no loopholes that can result in legal disputes. After all, the idea is to avoid a divorce or separation that can lead to an ugly battle in court.

If you need advice about prenuptial agreements or help in their enforceability, give us a call right away. We will treat your case with sensitivity and provide the most suitable and helpful advice and support.

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