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(Financial provision on divorce. Mr A Glasgow)
- I married my wife and did not give any consideration to the property I had in my own name prior to the marriage. I took no legal advice at the time and assumed this property was my sole property. When my wife and I separated I was shocked when my wife claimed the property as matrimonial property. My wife said she owned half of it. I was recommended to Mr John Kilcoyne. My wife took me to court and indicated I purchased the property with the intention of the property being a family home. I was under a great deal of pressure as the property was of significant value. I was so relieved when Mr. John Kilcoyne persuaded the court that I owned the property and my wife had no claim on it. I would recommend Mr. John Kilcoyne without hesitation. I know now the importance of taking early and good legal advise.

(Financial Provision on Divorce)
- I worked away from home and had instructed a lawyer to represent me in my divorce case. I forgot about the case and had not heard from him for a while. I returned to Glasgow and saw my wife had put the matrimonial home on the market. I contacted my lawyer and he said he had withdrawn from acting as I had not been in contact with him. He would not act any further for me. I contacted the court and found out the sheriff had made an order for the sale of the matrimonial home and the net free proceeds to be paid to my wife. This is due to the fact that I had no lawyer present in court. I had approached a number of lawyers who would not take my case on. I was then recommended to go to John Kilcoyne & Co. John Kilcoyne & Co immediately indicated they thought potentially the order was incompetent. Counsel was instructed and an interdict preventing my wife from selling the matrimonial home was obtained at the Court of Session and an appeal to the Sheriff Principal was also marked. The appeal to the Sheriff Principal was successful. I eventually got 50% of the net free proceeds of the sale of the matrimonial home which I was entitled to. I was lucky that I approached John Kilcoyne & Co as a number of other lawyers said that there was nothing they could do for me.

(Cohabitation Claim, Family Law Scotland Acts 2006)
- I went to Mr Kilcoyne when I separated from my partner as I heard the law had changed and I could make a financial claim on separation. The position was I resided with my partner for a number of years but the family home was in my partner’s sole name. I had paid all the mortgage payments since the house was purchased and had contributed the lions share of the household costs. My ex-partner would not agree to pay me anything. Mr Kilcoyne raised proceedings at Paisley Sheriff Court. Mr Kilcoyne advised me at the time that the law was unclear and it was unpredictable what the Sheriff would award me. Mr Kilcoyne negotiated on my behalf and the solicitor for my ex-partner eventually agreed to pay me approximately half of the equity on the house. I confirm that I obtained an out of court settlement and did not need to run the risk of taking the matter to court.

(Acting for father of child) - I had been having difficulty obtaining contact to my children after separation from my wife. I had a court order for contact. My wife had not obeyed the court order and failed to turn up at court. I could not get contact even though the court had ordered it. I was in tears and was recommended to go to Mr Kilcoyne. Mr Kilcoyne took my case on. My wife still would not obey the court order and would not attend court. Mr Kilcoyne obtained a warrant for my wife’s arrest from the sheriff. My wife was arrested and taken to court and was warned by the sheriff the consequences of contempt of court and failing to obey a court order. An independent solicitor was then appointed to prepare a report on the welfare of the child and contact. Contact was recommended to be reinstated and I am now seeing my children on a regular basis. I was about to give up on contact until I approached John Kilcoyne & Co.

(Acting for mother of child) - I had been in an abusive relationship with my ex-partner. My daughter had witnessed many bad experiences of her father being abusive towards me and him being under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The court made an order for contact. I tried my best to persuade my daughter to attend for contact but she was reluctant and distressed at going for contact. I eventually had to ask Mr Kilcoyne to approach the sheriff to get the contact order suspended. This was due to my daughter’s acute distress at going for contact. I confirm that there was a number of child psychologists instructed by both Mr Kilcoyne and the solicitor for my ex-partner. I confirm that eventually the court awarded no contact as the contact could have potentially psychologically damaged my child. I confirm that my child is now happy and well settled and at school and that that is the end of the court case.

(Specific Issue Order) - I separated from my partner in Glasgow and had a child with him. My ex-partner was having regular contact to his child. I visited Australia on a few occasions and entered into a relationship with an Australian man. I confirm that I fell pregnant to the Australian man. I confirm that the Australian man owned his own business and he indicated that he wanted me to come to Australia to stay full time with him. I asked my ex-partner if I could move to Australia with the child and live full time with my new partner. My ex-partner refused and obtained an interdict at Glasgow Sheriff Court preventing me from taking the child to Australia. I confirm I was recommended to go to Mr Kilcoyne and he asked the court for a specific issue order. I confirm eventually I was granted a specific issue order whereby I was allowed to take the child to Australia and my ex-partner in Scotland obtains contact through telephone calls, Skype and also visits Australia once per year. I confirm I am now well settled in Australia with the child from the relationship with my ex-partner in Glasgow and my new partner in Australia with his child.

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