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A major concern to anybody contemplating divorce proceedings is reaching a financial settlement. Assets arising from a marriage or civil partnership must be dealt with after a divorce or dissolution. These normally include income, houses, investments, savings, pensions and debts.

Reaching a financial agreement is stressful and worrying, what with all the issues and concerns you will have to face.

This is when you need expert advice from an expert Financial Dispute Lawyers. We provide specialist advice to remove some of the uncertainties you are experiencing. With consideration of the emotional impact of the action you are about to take, we will work to provide a non-confrontational approach, and handle your case in a conciliatory manner. We believe in reaching a financial settlement without taking court action to ensure your best interest and preserve effective long-term relationships.

If there is a reason that out-of-court negotiations and mediation are not appropriate, we will institute court proceedings, and provide expert assistance until a resolution is achieved. Our Financial Dispute Lawyers are experienced in negotiating financial agreements that are more than satisfactory.

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