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John Kilcoyne & Company provide dedicated client care and clear and pragmatic advice.

Our team of expert Harassment and Domestic Violence Lawyers will provide you of the options and actions you can take if you are experiencing spousal abuse, violent criminal threats, battery, child abuse, harassment, violation of restraining orders, and annoying, harassing or threatening phone messages and calls, among others. We will help you decide the best way to handle your particular situation, while ensuring you and your children's protection and safety.

We can take various measures on your behalf. We can help you acquire non-molestation orders to prevent an abusive party from harassing or pestering you, threatening violence or being abusive. This can be started even without knowledge of the other person. Depending on your circumstances, we can institute proceedings quickly, so you can have the protection of the court.

Our Harassment and Domestic Violence Lawyers can also seek remedies against a husband or wife that is behaving abusively towards their partner. Under the Matrimonial Homes Act 1981, an abusive spouse may be excluded from the matrimonial home even if they are the legal owner, or arrested, if the circumstances warrant it. The same act will protect you from anyone else that is abusive towards you, regardless of the relationship or connection.

If you have affected by or experiencing domestic violence and harassment, give us a call right away for immediate protection.

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