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Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland 2014-15

May 20, 2016   /  Divorce Lawyer   /   no comments

The amount of civil law actions initiated in Scottish courts is at its lowest since statistics began in 2008. The latest figures, published by Scotland’s Chief Statistician show that there were 76,800 civil law cases files in the financial year 2014-15, a drop of 42% since 2008-09. Although, the number of cases raised has seen…

Grandparents – The Forgotten Victims of Divorce

March 8, 2016   /  Divorce Lawyer   /   no comments

It has been extensively reported that the month of January sees a substantial rise in enquiries and web-searches regarding divorce issues. However mediation charity, National Family Mediation (NFM), has highlighted that this elevated curiosity in divorce doesn’t simply have an effect on the divorcing couple and their children, however can actually have a profound effect…

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