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Difference of Scots Law and Family Law to the Rest of the World

April 26, 2016   /  Uncategorized   /   no comments

Scots law is unlike the legal system in Britain, Canada and other parts of the globe. A law student in the University of Glasgow calls it a hybrid, as it is a mix of continental Europe’s civil law traditions, and England’s common law tradition. The former is a system that dates back to ancient Rome…

Call to Change Scotland’s Family Law, Protect Children from Divorce Court Conflicts

April 20, 2016   /  Uncategorized   /   no comments

A charity is asking Scotland to update its outdated family law, so children don’t get caught in conflicts arising in divorce court. Relationship Scotland is asking for the Scottish Government, family law experts and charities to support their call to make it a legal requirement that divorcing parents must consider mediation before taking court action,…

English Courts Have Jurisdiction Over Maintenance Claims in Scottish Divorce

April 14, 2016   /  Uncategorized   /   no comments

A ruling on maintenance order in a divorce case filed in two different courts – England and Scotland, showed that English courts can rule on how maintenance shall be paid by the husband living in Scotland. The couple in question lived in Scotland a year after they were married in England in 1994. In 2012,…

Health Visitors Have Concerns About Named Person, Survey Shows

April 12, 2016   /  Uncategorized   /   no comments

A survey revealed that Frontline staff who will take on the role of “Named Persons”, once the Scottish Government scheme will be rolled out in August, have growing fears about possible implications. Based on the survey conducted by public services union Unison, more than half of the respondents are not prepared for the responsibilities they…

Groups and Parental Rights Advocates Appeal Named Person Scheme Implementation

April 5, 2016   /  Uncategorized   /   no comments

Parental rights and Christian groups are challenging a controversial law that the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom granted to the Scottish government, giving them the authority of administering extensive intrusions on private family life. The government’s invasion of parental rights through the Named Person scheme is viewed as a gross violation, as stated by…

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