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At JOHN KILCOYNE LAW FIRM we receive the business of our Glasgow Divorce and Family Law  practice from satisfied clients who have either referred their friends or associates to us, or who have decided to use us again on another matter. For us, referrals and repeat business are the surest sign that we are doing something right.


If you need real solutions in a divorce or any other family law matter, you can trust the experienced lawyers at JOHN KILCOYNE LAW FIRM to provide the highest quality, compassionate and experienced representation. We can help you find answers to a full range of family law issues from divorce, property division, and complex child contact/residence matters, to situations involving domestic violence and false allegations of abuse. We are ready and able to deal with any predicament using our skills, knowledge, experience and tenacity to win.

With decades of experience protecting the rights and interests of individuals and families in Glasgow. Our Family Lawyers understand that clients don't want to hear excuses -- THEY WANT RESULTS!

That's why thousands of people have turned to the JOHN KILCOYNE LAW FIRM for quality service, sound advice, and practical legal help on legal aid or at a reasonable price.

We've proudly earned the reputation one client at a time by striving to be the Best family lawyers in Glasgow who are attuned to finding the right solutions for our clients.

This may be the first time you are facing a divorce, a child contact/residence , spousal support or maintenance issue or another family law matter, BUT IT'S NOT OURS.

JOHN KILCOYNE LAW FIRM in Glasgow offers you individual attention, knowledgeable guidance and experienced, aggressive representation. Our lawyers understand that some cases are suitable for a carefully negotiation resolution, while others must be hard fought in court. We have practised extensively in the Scottish courts and have a long track record of achieving successful results for people like you.

We approach problems by first trying to resolve them amicably without going through the time consuming and expensive process of litigation. But if your case is one that warrants litigation, remember that we are court lawyers who are not afraid to fight for you and we'll be with you every step of the way. Our goal is to be the Best family lawyers for your matter and to go the distance to help you reach your goals.

JOHN KILCOYNE LAW FIRM has an established reputation for highly effective and responsive legal representation by thinking in terms of what is necessary to get the desired result - in negotiations or in court - instead of what simply makes sense on paper.

Our lawyers develop legal strategies rooted in case law, an understanding of what the law allows, and knowledge of how the courts and sitting judges view different kind of cases. Our family lawyers understand that winning a case is a result of thoughtful, targeted strategy and positioning it properly for the court by understanding and highlighting the right kind of issues.

We are aggressive family lawyers who know when and how to fight hard and when a more subtle approach is more appropriate.

Contact us today to speak to an experienced Glasgow family lawyer who is committed to providing clear guidance and successful representation.

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Financial Provision on Divorce


I worked away from home and had instructed a lawyer to represent me in my divorce case. I forgot about the case and had not heard from him for a while. I returned to Glasgow and saw my wife had put the matrimonial home on the market...

Cohabitation Claim
Family Law Scotland Acts 2006


I went to Mr Kilcoyne when I separated from my partner as I heard the law had changed and I could make a financial claim on separation. The position was I resided with my partner for a number of years but the family home was in my partner’s sole name. I had paid all the mortgage payments since the house was purchased and had contributed the lions share of the household costs. My ex-partner would not agree to pay me anything...

Acting for father of child


I had been having difficulty obtaining contact to my children after separation from my wife. I had a court order for contact. My wife had not obeyed the court order and failed to turn up at court. I could not get contact even though the court had ordered it. I was in tears and was recommended to go to Mr Kilcoyne...

Acting for mother of child


I had been in an abusive relationship with my ex-partner. My daughter had witnessed many bad experiences of her father being abusive towards me and him being under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The court made an order for contact. I tried my best to persuade my daughter to attend for contact but she was reluctant and distressed at going for contact...

Specific Issue Order


I separated from my partner in Glasgow and had a child with him. My ex-partner was having regular contact to his child. I visited Australia on a few occasions and entered into a relationship with an Australian man. I confirm that I fell pregnant to the Australian man. I confirm that the Australian man owned his own business and he indicated that he wanted me to come to Australia to stay full time with him...


Divorce, Separation & Dissulution

The breakdown of a relationship is an upsetting and emotional time. There are many practical and legal issues which we will be able to help you deal with.

We offer extensive and expert advice wholly focused on helping you through these difficulties. You will find us sympathetic and sensitive to the issues you are facing.

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financial issues

Reaching a financial settlement is always a considerable concern to anybody contemplating divorce proceedings. We have a great deal of experience in negotiating satisfactory financial settlements for our clients.

Our main concern is to ensure robust negotiations are carried out, and proceedings are not unduly drawn out.

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When parents separate they often have to make difficult decisions about their children. Parents often find it difficult to agree with the best way forward for their children.

We are sensitive to these issues and have many years’ experience in assisting parents resolve their disputes in the best possible interests of the children.

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